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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Black Anemones (Agueda Pizarro)

Mother, you watch me sleep
and your life
is a large tapestry
of all the colors
of all the most ancient
knot after twin knot,
root after root of story.
You don't know how fearful
your beauty is as I sleep.
Your hair is the moon
of a sea sung in silence.
You walk with silver lions
and wait to estrange me
deep in the rug
covered with sorrow
embroidered by you
in a fierce symmetry
binding with thread
of Persian silk
the pinetrees and the griffins.
You call me blind,
you touch my eyes
with Black Anemones.
I am a spider that keeps spinning
from the spool in my womb,
weaving through eyes
the dew of flames
on the web.


Tanya Rachel said...

I'm not sure if you know, but this has actually been turned into an art song. It's beautiful and really frames the poem in a completely different way.
Unfortunately this is not a good recording or my ideal choice for a singer, but you'll get the idea:
There are flute versions available (same melody) that offer better recordings on youtube.

Unknown said...

You really should listen to the recording by Dawn Upshaw or Lucy Shelton! It is from a set of two songs by Joseph Schwantner. The other one is Shadowinnower. It's completely contrasting. Very dissonant! I performed both for my senior voice recital in college.