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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

This is what We Did With Our Lives (David Wyatt)

In the house we waited for rain, for days, to end.
We talked and slept, the yellow of the forsythia
never dimming, the only road to and from the yard
muddy but passable, we didn’t underestimate
our ability to leave at any moment, in the light
of dream or under remarkable circumstances:
the toppling of the door or the evasion of guilt.
Parents were dead, other siblings nowhere within reach
of the rare roses our mother planted before we were born.
A Bible sat on the frosted-glass table by the front window—
“over our heads” for so long, and now I flipped pages
constantly, while who could call me blameless and upright?
Dear sister, young we were not, though you often held my hand
when lightning, at night, near the porch, raised the ground from nothing.

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